The Cause

Melanoma and skin cancer diagnoses are increasing and, as drivers exposed to harmful UV radiation when we’re behind the wheel, this group requires our support.

Proceeds raised by Sessanta Miglia will support Melanoma Canada –which advocates for and supports Canadians living with melanoma and skin cancer with helpful resources, education, psychosocial support services and more.

This year, funds raised will directly support Melanoma Canada's Mole Mobile. The first of its kind in Canada, the Mole Mobile will visit major Canadian cities with long wait times to see a dermatologist, underserved communities, rural and Indigenous regions to help speed up the time to diagnosis, which is vital to improving outcomes for patients.


You can enhance your support to Melanoma Canada by having your friends and family sponsor your car.

Please visit the Melanoma 'Start a Fundraising Page' to set up your page, then circulate that page to your network to appeal for donations.

Each donor can have a personalized decal affixed to their sponsored car. The donor’s name can be their own, friends, family or in memoriam.


The story of this event began 50 years ago. A few friends decided to take their classic Aston Martins for a drive from Toronto to the Niagara Region and a love for the region and driving events was born.

Since 2015 we have driven for a cause. This year, our fundraising efforts will intensify as we work to make a difference in the region by helping fund life-saving skin checks provided by Melanoma Canada's Mole Mobile.

With the Pandemic in our rear view mirror, we are excited to be back with a Covid-safe program and are honoured to invite Corporate Sponsors to ride alongside us. Each of you are invited to be part of an ongoing legacy event that is equal parts passion for driving, and passion for a healthcare provider in need of our support now more than ever.


Sessanta, which means ‘60’ in Italian, will see participants drive 60 miles for each of the two days on a tour that commences in Grimbsy and ends in the Niagara Region.Our event pays humble homage to Mille Miglia of Italy – the epic Italian driving event for the world’s most exotic cars.

Our event is comprised of just 80 vehicles. Drivers and navigators each share a passion for driving, the art of rally, and supporting our two causes. All vehicles possess a unique automotive pedigree, ranging from a 1934 Lagonda to the latest European super cars.

The experience begins on Saturday, August 12th at 9:00 A.M. and concludes later that night at The Checkered Flag Gala Dinner, where we will celebrate together with your team. To register and qualify, all teams must purchase a $600 entry ticket for two people. This event is expected to sell out, so we encourage early registration.


Each day there is a 60-mile/100-km route. Three to four cars are sent out every few minutes along our route to manage for safe traffic flow and to stagger gathering space arrivals and departures to adhere to public health measures for social distancing.

We will adhere to the COVID protocols and regulations in effect at the time of the event. Our tour route is designed with safety in mind while providing a scenic tour of the Niagara Region through quite rural roads.


Refined, sporty, exotic, sophisticated, rare, celebrated. From a postwar MG T-Type to an F8 Tributo, they’re all coming.


Friday, August 11th (optional)

7:00 P.M.


Meet at Grimsby Chrysler (@ QEW), the parent of the Gold sponsor (Newport Performance) for Welcome, viewing of the cars by public and participants, unique games of chance, Reception Patio at Boston Pizza (beside Grimsby Chrysler).

Saturday, August 12th

7:30 A.M.


Car registration at Grimsby Town Hall.

9:30 A.M.

First cars depart (Last group is 1 hour behind the first group).

11:30 A.M.

Alfresco bbq lunch (1hr) in Jordan area.

3:00 P.M.

Continue driving through Niagara countryside; arrive Niagara College Winery & Brewery for private tasting & camaraderie

7:00 P.M.

Coppola’s Ristorante (silent auction after dinner).

SATURDAY, August 12th

8:30 A.M.


Alfresco Continental Breakfast @ NotL Legion (Old Town).

9:30 A.M.

First cars depart.

11:00 A.M.

Brief nosh en route.

1:30 P.M.

Arrive Fifty Point Marina / LIMANI at fifty Taverna.

3:30 P.M.

Depart for home.


Sessanta Miglia Niagara puts you and your brand in front of the right people — passionate fans of fine automobiles intent on great driving and raising money for great causes. We encourage you to support Melanoma Canada and Grimsby Benevolent Fund in our growing list of sponsors.

Silver & Bronze sponsorships available




in kind

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  • Southcott Davoli Accountants
  • Ronald J Weston - Law
  • 7 Communications
  • Paul Subject Motorsports
  • Corporate Impressions
  • Sam Hattin - Project Management

We Thank All Our Sponsors

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With 100% of the net proceeds gifted to the Grimsby Benevolent Fund and Melanoma Canada, we also welcome in-kind sponsors to provide items of real value for our auction.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Sessanta Migila Giro?

Miglia Classic Events Org is a registered not for profit corporation, that hosts events such as SMG to raise funds for worthy local and national causes.

I’ve pre-registered. How do I complete my registration?

You’ve done the hard work. Now you just need to send a few dollars.

  • Open your mobile banking application on your preferred device.

  • Send money via Interac e-transfer within your app. You will need to add ‘Sessanta Miglia’ as a contact and our email:

  • Once the contact has been added, follow the prompts in your banking application to send $400 before July 29th ($500 after).

  • Once you submit payment, you will receive an email from ‘W HATTIN’ that shows proof of payment.

There are a few places where I read First Come, First Served. Why?

All past SMG events have been sold out and we will not be expanding above the limit of 80cars. Also, hotels are extremely busy this year, so book early if you wish to participate.


Are there any official hotels for Sessanta Miglia 2022?

You will need to make your own reservations and are welcome to stay anywhere you’d like in Niagara Region. A list of hotels for the two nights has been provided below. If you have a CAA or CARP membership, they will provide you with the best savings per room night.

Additional options include VRBO, AirBnB and no shortage of Bed & Breakfast options. Please note that accommodation costs will be paid directly by you.

How should I pack for the weekend?

You have a small boot? No need to pack lightly. We travel with a chase vehicle to safely and securely transport any larger items. This service will be provided on a first come, first served basis, so if you can, please notify us early if this is one of your requirements.

What can I do before or after the event if I want to enjoy the region?

Niagara is the capital of tourism. From the Falls, to the Warplane Heritage Museum to the Welland Canal, search Tourism Niagara in Google and you can start planning where you’ll add pictures to Memory Lane.


How many cars will you accept this year?

There is perhaps no better way for any of us to socially distance than from inside our own vehicles enjoying the best driving roads in Niagara. For Sessanta Miglia 2022, we will accept a maximum of 80 cars.

What happens when you reach the maximum number of registrations?

With each of us eager to get out and explore, we expect a waitlist this year. We will take payment for the first 80 cars and build a list of all those interested in joining us should someone in the first 80 need to cancel.

How are deposits taken?

The cost is $400 per car until July 29th, and $500 per car thereafter. We are nearly sold out, so we encourage registration ASAP. Please note that we rely heavily on volunteers to keep your investment down and our donations to our charities up.

What happens if government regulations reduce event participation?

Firstly, this is a rain-or-shine event. We expect Ontario to be fully open, however, if things change, we will be adhering to the regulations of the day.

If the event is cancelled, some portion of your registration fee could be at risk based on the dollars we may have invested in the program by that moment in time. Please remember that unpaid volunteers are organizing this event for your enjoyment and to raise funds.

How do we send out the cars on event day?

Sending 80 cars at once would make for an unwieldy, slow and rather uninteresting parade. So, we send out cars in groups of 3 or 4 and space them a few minutes apart and about 45 minutes from front to back.The groups will be of similar era cars.

It is more art than science and our attempt to prevent unsafe bunching. It will also ensure each group thinks about some navigation and also give our visiting venues a chance to serve everyone better by spreading out the cars. Departure times will be in your Driver’s Package, but will be sometime around 10 A.M., each morning.

What is the classification of participating cars?

We keep similar vintages of cars together so that we do not mix McLarens with MGs, or Cobras with QVales. Within classifications, we will balance new friends and different cars, and if you are coming with a friend and wish to drive with them, we will accommodate. There will be 3 or 4 cars in each group. The 4th may be a sponsor to whom we are all happy for their contribution.

The tour will be visiting wineries and alcohol at restaurants will be served. How does that work?

The winery visits during the drive are Navigator Tastings. All drivers are expected to follow the rules around alcohol consumption. Drivers will sign a waiver acknowledging compliance and you are your own liquor control board.

For the dinners after the drives each day, everyone acts to their own accord. We will arrange transportation if required to and from venues depending upon final arrangements.

The car decal allows a number. Do I get to pick mine?

Car numbers are special to drivers for many reasons. All numbers from 0 to 99 are available at no additional cost on a first come, first served basis. If a driver wants a 3-digit number, they are also available on a first come, first served basis in return for a donation to the charity. Should this interest you, please email Rob Hattin directly at

What is provided for directions?

There will be driving notes consisting of where to turn (approximately 40 turns) each day. Some approximate distances may be given as a courtesy, but this is more about you staying alert and having some fun. We will also provide some waypoints to meet up as a group.

What are the safety protocols?

We expect to keep our unblemished record for no incidents, accidents or illness. PPE is your own personal responsibility.

Will I need to sign a waiver?

Each driver will sign a standard event waiver, show insurance, and agree to adhere to all Highway Traffic laws. It should come as no surprise, but we will have zero tolerance for impaired, distracted, or stunt driving.

What happens if I need mechanical assistance on the road?

Although we will do our very best to provide mechanical assistance on the road, a properly prepared vehicle is the responsibility of the driver. There are a number of drivers who have some mechanical aptitude, so we urge you to meet them on event day. CAA Niagara will also be apprised of the event, so if you have a troublesome vehicle, you might want to renew your membership, otherwise we’ll do our very best to be there for you.

What if there's an incident?

If required, call 911 or Emergency Services as appropriate. Health and safety is above all else. Once settled, call the Event Organizer to report the incident and to see if other help can be supplied or changes to the event are required. All incidents should be recorded with pictures. Please note that we will not intercede in disputes, and ask that you act responsibly to ensure no-fault accidents will be minimized.

How will we capture the moments and what is the policy regarding pictures?

By participating in Sessanta Miglia 2022, you will agree to allow us and fellow participants to take photographs for publicity and promotional purposes only, including posting on our website or other social media applications.

We ask our entrants to make generous use of their camera phones and Go Pros. We will provide a site to upload/download the pictures and videos.

Do you offer awards?

We will have:

  • People’s Choice Awards for various classes of cars.

  • The Modest Accomplishment Awards.

  • The best dressed male and female participant Awards.

Judging will be by the public and our own entrants.


What’s the charity history of this event? What financial disclosure can you provide?

For the past 6 years of Sessanta Miglia, we have donated and inspired giving to the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital(WLMH) Foundation of nearly $200,000 dollars. As of 2021 our audited financial summary is available, and the same will be done for 2022. The parent of Sessanta Miglia, Miglia Classic Events Organization, is a registered Not-For-ProfitOntario Corporation.

This year, our fundraising goal is $40,000. The $40,000 will be from corporate contributions, car registration, and personal car sponsorship.

Will there be a gift auction?

We are intending to have an auction of high value items. That list will be available at registration.

Will I receive a tax receipt?

Donors will also receive a CRA tax receipt for a portion of the registration (approximately $200 - $250), any donations made, and from any auction items purchased.

Can I make an additional donation to either of the charities?

Absolutely. You can. Here are the links:

You can also enhance your support to Melanoma Canada by having your friends and family sponsor your car.

Please visit the Melanoma 'Start a Fundraising Page' to set up your page, then circulate that page to your network to appeal for donations

Silver Sponsor